Complete restComplete rest

That is what Muon Haven promises you. A heavenly night’s rest in the comfortable security of a warm nest, a safe haven. Stillness.

Muon Haven is rest for body and mind. Thanks to a cocoon which carefully filters out all surrounding noises. What remains – together with ‘time’ – is about the rarest commodity in our extremely busy society: silence.

Complete rest


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1Calming silence
The shell-shaped head board is upholstered with sound- absorbing fabrics. This combination creates the ideal acoustic environment for a healthful night's sleep.
Waking up in great form
Wake up with the rising sun and amid the soft chirping of birds. Or with your favourite music. Is there a better way to start your day?
2Ultimate sleeping comfort
Muon Haven comes with a 100% Talalay latex mattress, universally recognised to be the finest sleeping surface available in the mattress industry. Three layers of this all natural latex, each with a different firmness level, create the perfect combination of body support, weight distribution and relief of pressure points. Offering an unsurpassed sleeping comfort and durability.
3Adapted atmospheric lighting
The invisible built-in moodlights dispose of an endless spectrum of colours, ranging from calming soft greens to heartwarming reds. Depending on your(desired) mood.
4Functional light
For many people reading constitutes a calming ritual before falling asleep. The built-in reading lamp assure maximum reading comfort whilst keeping your partner undisturbed.
5Healthy sleeping environment
Advanced nanotechnology in the fabric has a bacteria-repellent function and creates a unique 'lotus effect' which prevents stains and guarantees a most efficient moisture regulation.

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Tablet app control ipad

Tablet app controlTablet app control

Muon haven offers you a carefully selected range of sleeping atmospheres, consisting of a combination of lighting, sound and sleeping or upright positions. Via the tablet touch screen you can perfectly ajust them to your personal taste or the mood of the moment. Morover you can opt for either a calming massage before falling asleep or for a natural experience of waking up with a sunrise simulation.

Organic designOrganic design

Muon Haven is an organic bed concept. Its rounded forms reflect its mission: to guarantee the highest possible level of sleeping comfort in an environment which does not only emit peace and quiet but which also actively contributes to it.

Generations of artisanship in sleeping systems, combined with a design far ahead of its time and the use of the most advanced materials, has led to a new market sector: sleeping tomorrow.

Organic design